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Social Security Disability, Workers’ Compensation, and More

Social Security Law

Receiving Social Security disability benefits can be a very difficult and complex process. Even if you have been denied before, you can still be awarded the benefits you deserve. Phillip M. Hendry can assist you will all aspects of the process.

Workers' Compensation

Have you been injured on the job and are not receiving the compensation you deserve? You need an attorney you can trust. Workers’ compensation cases can be very complex and difficult to understand, which is why an experienced attorney is essential.

What to Do If Your Social Security Claim Been Denied

There are a number of requirements when appealing a denied claim.

  1. 1. Mind the strict deadlines
  2. 2. Get a medical opinion
  3. 3. Have medical records ready
  4. 4. Obtain and have your attorney analyze your case file
  1. 5. Develop a winning case theory
  2. 6. Learn about your hearing
  3. 7. Prepare a descriptive testimony
  4. 8. Be ready to explain any medical inconsistencies

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