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Phillip M. Hendry, Attorney at Law

With over 20 years of experience, Phillip M. Hendry is a trusted personal injury and social security disability lawyer in the Bossier City and Shreveport, Louisiana area. He is licensed in both Arkansas and Louisiana, and will provide aggressive representation for his clients. You can count on Phillip to represent you as your personal injury attorney, workers compensation attorney or social security lawyer.

Social Security Disability Claims

Philip M. Hendry, Attorney at Law handles social security disability law and disability claims. Whether you have been denied social security benefits or are applying for the first time, Phillip M. Hendry, is ready to represent you in all social security law cases. Phillip is located in Bossier City, LA and is proud to serve Bossier City, Shreveport, LA and surrounding areas.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Have you or a loved one been injured in a motor vehicle accident? Phillip M. Hendry is here to answer your questions about your personal injury case and represent you as your personal injury attorney. You can count on high quality service to get you and your family the compensation you deserve.
Have you been injured on the job and are not receiving the compensation you deserve? You need an attorney you can trust. Workers' compensation cases can be very complex and difficult to understand, which is why an experienced attorney is essential.
Phillip Hendry's past experience as legal counsel for the largest Louisiana workers' compensation insurer and as a workers' compensation judge gives him the tremendous insight and experience, to handle your workers' compensation claim and assist you in obtaining the benefits you are entitled to receive.
Phillip M. Hendry is a trustworthy attorney to handle your workers' compensation case. Serving Shreveport, LA and Bossier City, LA residents and surrounding areas.

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Phillip Hendry takes personal interest in each of his clients and takes time to listen, assess and analyze your situation. Call today for your FREE consultation so Phillip can get to know you, your case and your options. Located in Bossier City, LA, he is ready to represent you and ensure that you are given the settlement you deserve.

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